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In Depth Science Fiction Genre Study | Kay L Moody

In depth look at the science fiction genre. Learn more about the sci fi genre including science fiction subgenres. These subgenres include soft sci fi, hard sci fi, speculative fiction science, science fantasy, YA sci fi, etc.

Define Science Fiction

Sci fi is a speculative fiction genre which includes elements of science and Technology. Stories may have advanced or futuristic technology, space/time elements, life on other planets, or major environmental changes. The science and technology may be described in detail and have huge significance to the plot (hard sci fi). Or the society, culture, and relationships may be most important to the plot (soft sci fi). Science and technology are included as part of the world, but are not necessarily important to the plot.

Study the Science Fiction Genre

Check out What is Soft Sci Fi for an in depth look at soft sci fi. In the links below you will also find answers to questions like What’s the difference between science fiction and fantasy and What’s the difference between hard and soft sci fi.